Rings in the Iris

Here are several features of the Iris which Rayid refers to as ‘rings’ – these usually appear as arcs or circles of visible variations in the Iris structure. They are usually easy to see and unambiguous to identify. Each signifies distinct and influential characteristics in the individual’s life, behaviour and perception.

Ring of Harmony

The Ring of Harmony

Characterised by a partial ring of soft, cloudy white or yellow(ish) dots or clusters around the periphery of the Iris. The dots may be few in number or may form a complete ring. Their presence indicates an individual with high ideals relating to people and the environment, an ability to influence (and be influenced by) others.

Ring of Purpose

The Ring of Purpose

Typically a complete , continuous blue or dark rim in the iris – as if the structure of the iris doesn’t quite extend to it’s perimeter.
This band indicates an individual with a sense of specialness, a mission in life, although when called on to identify the nature of the mission they often acquire a glazed look and find difficulty vocalising details.

The Ring of Freedom

The Ring of Freedom

This looks like concentric, often broken, lighter lines in the iris. Almost like ripples in the underlying fabric of the iris itself.
These individuals tend to be achievement-oriented – life is for producing results . In extreme cases they can develop a restless anxiety if they feel they are under-achieving – and who can say what lofty standards they use to measure their performance.

The Ring of Determination

The Ring of Determination

Easily identified by a developing opaque white band around the periphery of the iris.
These individuals will display an unshakeable certainty about their views, beliefs and themselves – the more complete the ring of whiteness, the more certain they are.

What they mean:

Ring of Harmony Iris

The Ring of Harmony

These individuals harbour a deep-seated sense of harmony which motivates much of their thought and activity. They dislike disorder, frequently denying themselves and expecting much of others they can be prone to cynicism when disappointed. Often gifted with heightened sensitivity which is two-way, they and their environment share an intimate relationship.

They can have a deep (almost unconscious) desire to experience the world as one big happy family, and anything less causes them discomfort or distress.

They often have a loving disposition, but are quick to point out negativity. They have a tendency to hold on to other people’s emotional problems. (note: they need to release this as holding on to other people’s garbage indirectly creates a mental pattern for the body to hold on to its own garbage) .

Other people tend to see them as servants, and they are prone to being beleaguered with an amazing array of personal favors, wants, needs and desires from others.

They need to realize that something less than their highest expectations still has some value for the planet.

he Ring of PurposeRing of Purpose

A common attitude is a feeling of multiplicity of choices or a deep sense of specialness. There is a feeling of being sent to do something special and having so many choices, they don’t know what to do. Therefore, it is often difficult staying with one committment for a long period of time.

Physically these individuals often experience cold hands/feet or dry skin as the energy is weak in the peripheral areas (just as demonstrated in the iris.

The challenges of this ring are best overcome by finding your purpose and connecting with its expression in world around you.

The Ring of Freedom

The Ring of Freedom

Originally named ‘The Ring of Accomplishment’, this pattern is also known as nerve rings in classical Iridology. The greater the number of rings, generally, the more intense the feeling of restlessness in the individual.

Individuals often experience a feeling of being ‘driven’: as if they must be doing more. This intense energy needs to be released or transformed by expression. Exercise, creative pursuits and past-times can all ‘take the heat off’ and afford an experience of ease and rest.

These rings typically indicate stress – anxiety, irritability, vivid dream states, difficulty in relaxing, and waking up tired are all commonly-reported symptoms.

Freedom Rings indicate excessive reactions to sensory stimulation, usually based on some unconscious fear. The fear avoidance mechanism produces hyper-verbal or hyper-active behavior.

People with Accomplishment Rings need to learn hype to be still. (note: easier said than done we know but the results we assure you are well worth the effort.)

The Ring of DeterminationRings in the Iris

The Ring of Determination

These people often appear inflexible and intractable, their perception of the world seems based hype on their own internal attitudes rather than observation.

They often assume a rigid attitude or position and can stand with it judgementally.

This can sound somewhat negative however the Ring of Determination also manifests with these positive characteristics: determination, devotion, self-realization and self-sufficiency.


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