Drug and Chemical Signs in iriology

Any unusual marking in the irids may be a sign of deposits that does not naturally belong in the body. Drug and chemical deposits tend to settle in the Inherently weal organs and tissue of the body. We do not know whether all of the newer complex chemicals substances leave an identifiable colored sign in the iris, but many do. Some drug signs, such as sulphur or iodine, appear in the eye as yellow or reddish spots- colors similar to the substance they come from. A drug deposit can affect many areas of the irid(body) instead of one location. Where many drugs have been ingested over the years, dark spots that result in the iris my be considered chronic settlements.

Very dark or black spots are sometimes refered to as psora or psoric itch spots bc of the irritation the drugs deposits cause in the organs in which they settle. These can be Iherited.

Drug accumulations in the body can be reduced by tissue cleansing procedures. The drug spots in the eye may lighten but will never dissapear entirely.

The best illustration of this would be Honeysuckle’s eye picture. In Honey’s case these are Inherited and not aqquired weaknesses. What this means is, these areas are weak from birth, inherited from mother or father or both. These signs will never completely go away so Kim will have to take extra care of the organ in spots are in.

In Cinn”s eye picture, hers are Aqquired, as in, she accumulated them herself and they can be reversed.


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  1. Creo que estos articulos estas fenomenal pero siento mucho que algunos que estan en ingles no esten en espanol tambien. Sera posible conseguir esos articulos en espanol? Seria de mucho beneficio. Si me pudiera contestar se lo agradeceria muchisimo.

    Marcos Aguila


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